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"I will write to you about my sky because I feel that it is one of the valuable things that I can give you, and because I hope that one day our eyes will meet under the same star, in the same darkness."

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Under the Atacama night

Flying Animal Constellations

This second book in the series Under the Atacama Night is an illustrated mythological compilation of the constellations of birds and mythical flying beings. Includes twelve classic constellations, plus a series of constellations created by indigenous peoples of South America.

1st edition 2023

Size: closed 15 x 21 cm

111 pages

ISBN: 978-956-9693-34-2

portada aves lite sin sombra.png

Under the Atacama night

The constellations of the zodiac from southern latitudes

First book of the series Under the Atacama Night. It is an illustrated mythological and etymological compilation of the zodiac constellations. The illustrations show the perspective with which observers in the southern hemisphere see them rising in the east at different times of the year.

1st edition 2019

Size: closed 15 x 21 cm

67 pages

ISBN: 978-956-9693-15-1

portada zodiaco lite sin sombra.png

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Rodrigo Zuniga

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