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Our tour

Come and live a night under the Atacama sky in a quiet place away from light pollution, and together with people who love to look at the sky.

Our tour includes:

- Round trip transportation from your accommodation* in San Pedro de Atacama to our observation site in the ayllu of Coyo.

- Observation of the sky with the naked eye with a laser pointer with specialized guides.

- Observation through electronic telescopes.

- Astrophotographic portraits: 1 photograph per person + 1 photograph per reservation.

- Catering with snacks, wines and hot drinks.

Image by Jasper Wilde


Our tour begins at the door of your accommodation. We will pick you up between 9:10 PM and 9:40 PM. From there, we will take a 15-minute journey to our observation site in Ayllu de Coyo, a location situated 6 kilometers from San Pedro de Atacama


Observation with the naked eye

Once at the observation site, our guides will welcome you, and we will begin our night by observing the sky with the naked eye, alongside Rodrigo Zúñiga, author of the book series "Bajo la Noche de Atacama" (Under the Atacama Night) and "Notas para Recuperar el cielo" (Notes to Recover the Sky).

During this initial observation, we will identify the constellations and the main elements of meaning visible in the sky without the aid of telescopes. Apart from enjoying the beauty of the sky and sharing different perspectives we have developed over time, the purpose of this part of the night is to help you directly familiarize yourself with the sky, enabling you to replicate these observations with your family and friends.


Observation through telescopes

After this initial introduction to the sky, we will use electronic telescopes to observe the sky from a different perspective. We will observe objects such as planets, star clusters, nebulae, and interesting stars, depending on the season.


Photographs, bonfire, and catering

In this last stage, we will also invite you to our photo area, where we will take your photograph with the sky as the backdrop. Alternatively, you can simply enjoy the sky while holding a glass of wine or a hot chocolate in your hands around a bonfire before going back to San Pedro de Atacama.

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Under the Atacama Night

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9:10 p.m. to 9:40 p.m.

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