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How far in advance should I make my reservation?

We have limited spots, so

We recommend you make your reservation as soon as you have the dates of your trip.

An important tip: book your astronomical tour for the first days of your stay in San Pedro. Thus, in case the day of your reservation gets cloudy, you will have more days to reschedule and not miss the opportunity to see the sky with us.

How far in advance can I modify my reservation?

Our cancellation or reservation modification policy is one day in advance.

What happens if the night is  cloudy?

One of the reasons this is an ideal area for scheduling astronomical outings is that we have over 300 cloudless nights a year, however, there may be nights when clouds cover the sky.

In case you have a reservation for one night and we cancel the departure due to cloudiness, you can reschedule your reservation for later days or request a refund of 100% of your money.

Normally, during the day there may be clouds that dissipate after sunset, so on those days the final decision to cancel due to cloudiness is made one hour before the tour departs.

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